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  • Admin, ABMI

    The Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI) is a non-profit, scientific organization that monitors and reports status and trends in Alberta's wildlife and their habitats across the province and provides ongoing, relevant, and... More
  • Anderson, Morgan

    Morgan is a wildlife biologist with the Omineca Region. More
  • Baillie-David, Katie

    Katie Baillie-David is an MSc student in the School of Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria, where she is a member of the Applied Conservation Macroecology (ACME) Lab. Katie is using a wildlife camera array in northeast... More
  • Bastos, Jaylen

    Jaylen Bastos is a Quuer Black and Latinx scientist whose work centers around urban conservation, animal behavior and human-wildlife coexistence. He Is a graduate of the University of British Columbia's Natural Resource Conservation... More
  • Beirne, Chris

    Chris is a post-doc who works on how wildlife communities respond to anthropogenic disturbance and, ultimately, the implications of such changes. He has spent over 6 years living and working in areas of extreme biodiversity, including... More
  • Bell, Elicia

    Elicia Bell is a graduate student in the SURREAL Laboratory within the Department of Geography at the University of Victoria. Her masters thesis uses camera trap data to investigate the spatiotemporal behavioural interactions that occur... More
  • Blair, Cheryl

    I am a Senior Biologist at Splitrock Environmental Sekw'el'was. The focus of my research is predominantly on wildlife, habitat and conservation; my current wildlife project includes mesocarnivore, wolf, grizzly and black bear distribution.... More
  • Bradshaw, Jacob

    Jake Bradshaw is a Master of Science student at the University of Northern British Columbia working under the direction of Dr. Chris Johnson. He is using a network of camera traps combined with integrated browse-pellet surveys to... More
  • Burgar, Joanna

    Joanna is a Wildlife Biologist for the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resources, Operations, and Rural Development, South Coast Region. Joanna has designed camera trap studies in both British Columbia and Alberta and has used camera... More
  • Burke, Patrick

    Patrick Burke is a conservation ecologist and environmental consultant working on biodiversity, climate change, and environmental permitting for infrastructure projects. He uses passive monitoring tools, such as camera traps, bioacoustic... More
  • Burton, Cole

    Cole Burton is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Forest Resources Management at the University of British Columbia. He is the Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Terrestrial Mammal Conservation, and Principal Investigator of UBC's... More
  • Chipman, Rob

    Rob Chipman and the rest of this team are deeply concerned with the preservation and enhancement of BC's wild landscape and all the plants, animals and living beings that depend on it. We currently arrange public presentations to advance... More
  • Chow, Emily

    Emily is a wildlife biologist for the Government of BC based in Cranbrook, BC. She operates a large camera grid in the southeast corner of the province as part of the Kootenay Remote Camera Wildlife Monitoring Project with the broad... More
  • Clarke, Mackenzie

    Mackenzie is a wildlife biologist for the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development in Nelson, BC. Mackenzie is also currently persuing her Masters at the University of British Columbia Okanagan,... More
  • Compton, Justin

    Justin Compton is an educator and ecologist with a passion for working with students in the classroom and in the field. His teaching and research experiences have focused on the integration of environmental and biological sciences. This... More
  • Constantinou, Alexia

    Alexia is a MSc student in the Wildlife Coexistence and Belowground Ecology Labs in the Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia. Her work focuses on the relationship between forest harvesting and wildlife – she operates... More
  • Darimont, Chris

    Chris is an interdisciplinary conservation scientist whose group is interested in applied work for wildlife, people and places. For more, see: More
  • Davis, Larry

    Larry is an independent biologist working in BC's Cariboo-Chilcotin region on wildlife-forestry interactions and a member of the BC Fisher Working Group. I have used camera traps to document fisher use of artificial reproductive den boxes... More
  • Dawe, Kimberly

    Dr. Kim Dawe is a professor at Quest University Canada. Kim is currently using remote cameras as part of her Sea to Sky Mammal Monitoring Project, a long-term monitoring project that is expanding in the Sea to Sky region of BC (Squamish,... More
  • Day, Andy

    Andy is the CEO of the BC Parks Foundation and a member of WildCAM's steering committee. He holds a  Ph.D in Resource and Environmental Management. Most of his career has been about making the elusive 'ecosystem approach' real through... More
  • Dubuc, Martine

    Martine Dubuc is a resident of Squamish, living in the Garibaldi Highlands area with a curiousity in wildlife activity and interested in providing data in the hopes of protecting wildlife corridors and hoping future residential/commercial... More
  • Dyson, Matt

    Matt is a PhD candidate in the School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability at the University of Waterloo. Matt is interested in how land use change affects wildlife space use, behaviour, and population dynamics and how camera traps... More
  • Eliuk, Laura

    Laura Eliuk is an MSc student in Dr. Jason Fisher's ACME Lab in the School of Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria. Laura uses camera traps to assess human activity and mammal distributions in the Eastern Slopes of Alberta's... More
  • Ernst, Bevan

    Bevan is a biologist working for the province of BC in the caribou recovery program. More
  • Fennell, Mitch

    Mitch Fennell is an MSc student in UBC's Wildlife Coexistence Lab, focussed on studying interactions between human recreation and wildlife communities in BC's protected areas. Mitch has past experience investigating mesocarnivore... More
  • Finnegan, Laura

    Laura leads the Caribou Program at fRI Research, Hinton, Alberta. The Caribou Program team works with partners across sectors to carry out applied research on caribou recovery and conservation. More
  • Fisher, Alina

    Alina Fisher is a PhD student in Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria. She is using camera trap surveys in conjunction with repeat photo techniques ( to look at how wildlife community assemblages change as... More
  • Fisher, Jason

    Jason is Adjunct Professor at the University of Victoria and Head of the Applied Conservation Macro Ecology Lab (ACME). Jason has helped pioneer camera trapping in Canada and has been camera trapping almost 20 years in boreal, mountain,... More
  • Ford, Adam

    Adam T. Ford is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at the University of British Columbia and Canada Research Chair in Restoration Ecology. Adam's work examine the impact of human activity on the interactions among large... More
  • Foster, Samuel

    Sam Foster is a PhD student at the University of Idaho exploring how mule deer in southern B.C. seasonally distribute themselves and utilize landscapes. He is using camera traps to understand how they do so in response to members of the... More
  • Gallis, Alex

    Alex Gallis is currently a Biologist in Training through the College of Applied Biology. He is working as an environmental technician for a gold mine within the Golden Triangle of BC and is hoping to enter into a master's program in 2022.... More
  • Gilbert, Sophie

    Dr. Sophie Gilbert is a wildlife ecologist and assistant professor at the University of Idaho, interested in how animals respond to the rapidly changing modern world, including behavior and population and community dynamics, as well as... More
  • Gow, Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Gow is a Liber Ero Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of Guelph, where she studies the impacts of domestic cats on birds and other wildlife. Elizabeth uses trail camera surveys to find... More
  • Granados, Alys

    Alys Granados is WildCAM's Science Coordinator and a postdoc in the WildCo Lab at UBC. She is using WildCAM data to study how mammal species and communities respond to changes in land use and recreation in BC and AB. Alys earned her PhD... More
  • Greenberg, Saul

    Saul Greenberg is an Emeritus Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary, specializing in Human Computer Interaction. He is also the developer of the Timelapse Image Analysis System for Camera traps, a... More
  • Griggs, Emma

    Emma Griggs is the Program Manager of Wildlife Forever at the BC Parks Foundation. Emma works closely with the WildCo lab as the Communications, Outreach and Engagement Coordinator, to bring a monthly newsletter, blog, and other... More
  • Harrower, Bill

    Bill is a Carnivore Conservation Professional in Conservation Science Section of the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy and a Research Associate at in the Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences at UBC. He is... More
  • Hazette, Romane

    Romane Hazette is an ethologist from Belgium who moved in Alberta in 2019. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology (University of Liège, Belgium) and a Master's degree in Ethology (University of Sorbonne Paris Nord, France). She is... More
  • Heard, Doug

    Doug Heard retired in 2015 from his job as a wildlife biologist with both the governments of the NWT and BC and is now an independent researcher with his company, Tithonus Wildlife Research and is an adjunct professor at the University of... More
  • Hessami, Mateen

    Mateen has worked as a wildlife technician and undergraduate researcher at the University of Montana with Dr. Mark Hebblewhite since 2016 on his long-term elk/predator project at the Ya Ha Tinda, Alberta. He has managed a previously... More
  • Hirner, Joanna

    Joanna is the Conservation Specialist for the South Coast Region of BC Parks, which includes provincial parks of the Sunshine Coast, Sea to Sky, the Lower Mainland, and the Fraser Valley as far east as Skagit Valley Provincial Park. She... More
  • Jackson, Cheyney

    Cheyney Jackson is the Field Coordinator for the Marmot Recovery Foundation, a charitable organization that is working to recover the endangered Vancouver Island Marmot (Marmota vancouverensis). The Marmot Recovery Foundation uses camera... More

    Eric Jolin is a Wildlife Biologist and recipient of the 2019 Canada's New Noah scholarship, currently working as an Island Restoration Technician for the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. Prior to this position, he worked as an Ungulate... More
  • Jones, Matt

    Matt Jones is an field biologist with Dillon Consulting, and the University of British Columbia Okanagan. He is an in-house biologist with the Wild Sheep Society of BC and a member of the BC Wildlife Federations youth engagement team. Matt... More
  • Joshi, Bhuwan

    Bhuwan Joshi is an undergraduate student at the Institute of Forestry, Nepal under Tribhuvan University having a keen interest in wildlife conservation, habitat management, human-wildlife conflict with a major focus on terrestrial mammals.... More
  • Kistowska, Kasia

    Kasia is an ecosystems biologist with Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resources Operations, and Rural Development. She is currently using wildlife cameras to monitor the use of a bear wallow outside of Kitiwanga BC More
  • Klees van Bommel, Joanna

    Joanna is a Master's student in the Wildlife Coexistence Laboratory at the University of British Columbia, and is using camera traps to study human-carnivore conflict in the Capital Regional District of BC, specifically looking at black... More
  • Lamb, Clayton

    Clayton Lamb is a PhD Candidate at the University of Alberta using camera traps to monitor carnivore use of roadkill carcass pits and to reduce animal time in traps for collaring. More
  • Larsen, Karl

    Karl Larsen is a professor of wildlife ecology at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC. He has been using cameras to monitor rattlesnake emergence patterns from dens and the use of artificial refugia, and has used camera traps in... More
  • Lee, Joanna

    Joanna is an ecosystems technician for the Skeena ecosystems section (MoFLNRORD) in Smithers, BC. Joanna is currently using wildlife cameras to monitor the use of calving islands by the Tweedsmuir-Entiako caribou herd. More
  • Maynard, Trent

    I'm a writer, filmmaker, community researcher, and proud parent of 12 adorable wildlife cams. I take great joy in visiting them and sharing stories, beauty and learning from the land. I'm a settler based on the unceded territories of the... More
  • McConkey, Darryn

    Darryn is the West Coat Region senior ecosystem biologist with the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resources Operations, and Rural Development, working on species and ecosystems at-risk recovery and wildlife habitat management. He is... More
  • McLellan, Michelle

    Michelle McLellan is an independent researcher with a background in population ecology, population connectivity, habitat selection, and small population dynamics. Michelle partnered with recreation groups to better understand the impacts... More
  • Melvin, Greg

    Greg Melvin is currently a wildlife research technician in the laboratory of Evelyn Merrill at the University of Alberta. He is part of a research team studying the transmission and spread of chronic wasting disease in Alberta. The study... More
  • Merkens, Markus

    Markus is a Natural Resource Management Specialist with Metro Vancouver Regional Parks and has been using camera traps within regional parks for 7 years. His interests include learning more about which wildlife species occupy parks,... More
  • Miller Retzer, Connie

    Connie is an ecosystems biologist for the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resources Operations, and Rural Development based out of Nanaimo, currently using Wildlife Cameras to monitor nesting at Western Painted Turtle restored/created... More
  • Mitchell, Matthew

    Matthew is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability and the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at the University of British Columbia. He uses remote cameras to study animal presence and... More
  • Morrison, Carl

    Ecosystem Biologist in the Campbell River Natural Resource District. Currently piloting the use of remote cameras for monitoring presence and seasonal activity rates of elk and deer (and predators) in designated Ungulate Winter Ranges... More
  • Muhly, Tyler

    Tyler works in the Forest Analysis and Inventory Branch with the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resources and Rural Development, using data to develop information on wildlife that supports statutory decision makers in evidence-based... More
  • Nagy-Reis, Mariana

    Mariana is a Wildlife Habitat Specialist whose ultimate goal is to answer real-world questions and deliver tools tailored to guide conservation plans and science-based management. She currently works with the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands,... More
  • Naidoo, Robin

    Robin Naidoo is the Lead Scientist for Wildlife Conservation at WWF-US and an Adjunct Professor in the Institute for Resources, Environment & Sustainability at the University of British Columbia.  He leads a camera trap project in the... More
  • O'Brien, Murrough

    From an early age, Murrough's home on Vancouver Island was surrounded by forest. Beginning then, he spent countless hours simply wandering, looking and finding favourite places which sometimes turned out to be from the signs he saw,... More
  • Paczkowski, John

    John is a biologist who has concentrated his career on wildlife research and conservation, mainly with large carnivores. John uses wildlife research as a lens to focus decisions on the protection and management of Alberta Parks and... More
  • Patterson, Jesse

    Jesse is the Fish and Wildlife Team Lead with the Ecosystem Information Section, Knowledge Management Branch. The Knowledge Management Branch is responsible for managing all Provincial fish and wildlife inventory data (including capture,... More
  • Pongrac, Mary Beth

    Mary Beth is interested in being a volunteer "citizen scientist" with WildCAM. She currently has three trail cams in operation in the Sechelt area which, since April 2019, have recorded cougars, black bears, bobcats, Roosevelt elk,... More
  • Procko, Michael

    Michael is a M.Sc. student in the Wildlife Coexistence Laboratory at the University of British Columbia - Vancouver. Currently, he is deploying a grid of cameras over the southern regions of Golden Ears Provincial Park, as well as Malcolm... More
  • Quayle, James

    James has worked as a biologists for over 20 years. In recent years he has been the manager of BC Parks' conservation program. This program includes a number of scientists and parks staff working to conserve the ecological values within... More
  • Rutherford, Erin

    Erin Rutherford is the Conservation Coordinator for the South Coast region at BC Parks, managing wildlife camera monitoring projects in Pinecone Burke, Cypress, and Mount Seymour Provincial Parks, focusing on wildlife- park visitor... More
  • Schroyen, Gary

    Gary Schroyen is a researcher, tracker, educator and citizen scientist. Schroyen is a vocal advocate in the protection of critical wildlife habitat and of the local native wildlife. The primary focus on camera trapping has been the study... More
  • Schultz, Hahzinak

    My name is Hahzinak. I am First Nation. I am studying the characteristics of wildlife and that relationship with Nature spirituality to develop a list of natural strengths my population can relate to and adapt in order to indoctrinate... More
  • Stevenson, Cassondra

    Cassondra Stevenson is an MSc student in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta. Cassondra uses remote camera traps to test habitat quality estimates and connectivity models used in urban planning. More
  • Stewart, Frances

    Dr. Frances Stewart is a postdoctoral researcher with NRCan and adjunct professor at the University of Victoria. Her work has involved wildlife camera trapping for identifying mammal species occurrences, movement patterns, and space use in... More
  • Sun, Catherine

    Dr. Cat Sun is a postdoctoral researcher in the WildCo Lab at the University of British Columbia. Her research focuses on spatial patterns and mechanisms of density, distribution, and dynamics of wildlife populations to inform management... More
  • Titaro, Brian

    Brian Titaro is a Registered Professional Biologist (RPBio.) and Natural Resource Management Technician with Metro Vancouver Regional Parks. His work focuses on applying the principles of conservation biology into the natural resource... More
  • Toni, Sydney

    Sydney Toni is a biologist who wears a lot of hats with the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI), including report writing, stakeholder engagement, and external communications. She is helping coordinate the Alberta Steering... More
  • Vujnovic, Dragomir

    Dragomir Vujnovic is Parks Ecologist for the Central Region of Alberta Parks. More
  • Walker, Kristen

    Kristen Walker is a faculty member in the Applied Animal Biology Program at the University of British Columbia. Her background as a wildlife welfare scientist includes the development of pain management protocols, studies of behavioural... More
  • Wilson, Rob

    Rob Wilson is an Area Supervisor with BC Parks in the South Fraser Area (Eastern Fraser Valley). He's engaging volunteers in Citizen Science through BC Park's first Citizen Science Wildlife Monitoring Program. For the past 5 or 6 years, he... More
  • Yaeger, Scott

    Scott is a wildlife biologist who has spent a majority of his career working with mesocarnivores, but has a specific interest in fishers and fisher conservation. More
  • Young, Sherry

    Sherry Young is a Ph.D Student in Biological Sciences at Simon Fraser University. Her work focus is on mountain ecosystem resilience in Central Asia. After a Master in Ecology at Umeā University with a specialty in arctic/boreal... More