NEW PAPER: Mammalian predator and prey responses to recreation and land use across multiple scales provide limited support for the human shield hypothesis


New OA Paper in Ecology and Evolution by Alys Granados and colleagues in the WildCAM Network in which data from 446 camera traps across...

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Upcoming Course -- Introduction to Camera Trap Data Management and Analysis in R


Registration now open for a camera trap course in Revelstoke this September hosted by the Columbia Mountains Institute of Applied...

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New paper-- implications of survey design for multi-species studies


Species-specific responses to survey design are an important consideration in camera trap studies. A new paper published in Wildlife...

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NEW PAPER by WildCAM members: How does outdoor recreation affect wildlife?


Outdoor recreation can lead to increased conservation of wildlife habitat, yet also has the potential to alter how species use that...

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NEW PAPER: Sooner, Closer or Longer- camera trap detections of mesocarnivores by using scent lures


Although camera trapping continues to increase in popularity as a non-invasive tool to monitor wildlife, there is still a need for...

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New paper: what should we consider when studying animal behaviour?


Camera traps can be a powerful tool to observe animal behavior, but the presence of camera traps could have an impact on the environment...

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