New paper: camera traps as part of experimental studies of predator-prey interactions


Camera traps are often used to study interactions between predators and prey and their use has revealed a range of interesting animal...

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new! WildCAM Guide to Camera Trap Set Up posted


We've just posted a WildCAM Guide to Camera Trap Set Up on our Protocols page! This guide is meant to highlight some of the things users...

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New paper: effect of obstructions on animal detections


There's always that one camera trap site where after only a short time in the field, the SD card is filled with hundreds (or even...

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CMIAE conference postponed


The Columbia Mountains Institute of Applied Ecology (CMIAE) conference, Scaling Up Camera Trap Surveys to Inform Regional Wildlife...

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Does camera flash type affect animal behaviour?


Camera traps are increasingly used to study animal behaviour and are seen as a non-invasive alternative to other methods (e.g. telemetry)....

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More new research from a WildCAM member!


The decisions we make about how to implement camera trap studies can affect the ecological parameters we are trying to model (e.g....

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