WildCAM-CMIAE Webinars now online!


Last month WildCAM partnered with the Columbia Mountain Institute of Applied Ecology (CMIAE) to co-host two webinars led by WildCAM members...

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NEW PAPER by WildCAM members: How does outdoor recreation affect wildlife?


Outdoor recreation can lead to increased conservation of wildlife habitat, yet also has the potential to alter how species use that...

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NEW PAPER: Sooner, Closer or Longer- camera trap detections of mesocarnivores by using scent lures


Although camera trapping continues to increase in popularity as a non-invasive tool to monitor wildlife, there is still a need for...

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Save the date! CREDtalks (Columbia Region Ecological Discussions) happening this fall!!


The Columbia Mountains Insitute of Applied Ecology is hosting a virtual seminar series this fall. The Columbia Region Ecological...

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New paper: what should we consider when studying animal behaviour?


Camera traps can be a powerful tool to observe animal behavior, but the presence of camera traps could have an impact on the environment...

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New paper: camera traps as part of experimental studies of predator-prey interactions


Camera traps are often used to study interactions between predators and prey and their use has revealed a range of interesting animal...

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