Resource Library

We have compiled this list of resources that covers most aspects of camera trapping studies. These include overview documents, protocols developed by other organizations, preliminary documents from WildCAM, key publications, services for data processing and analysis, and other information and recommendations on camera trapping protocols. We also encourage you to check out this Resource List from WildLabs.Net which highlights relevant software, articles, books, and videos.

Resource Library


WildCAM Video Resources

Choosing Camera Trap Makes and Models

Protocols Developed by Other Organizations

Camera Trap Software and Data Management

Directory of Camera Trap Publications

Alberta-BC Merger Webinar

Best Practices for Managing and Publishing Camera Trap Data


Some of these resources may not be open access. If an article is not open access, we recommend contacting the corresponding author to request a copy or checking common repositories such as Research Gate for now. We are working to make the resources within the library more broadly available in the future.