Joanna Burgar

Joanna is a Wildlife Biologist for the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resources, Operations, and Rural Development, South Coast Region. Joanna has designed camera trap studies in both British Columbia and Alberta and has used camera trap data to estimate the densities of medium and large sized mammals in remote and urban environments. Joanna is particularly interested in using camera traps to determine the influence of disturbance, both anthropogenic and natural, on wildlife populations. She is a current member of the WildCAM steering committee.

Affiliations: FLNRORD

Species Studied: All; Caribou; Moose; All; Elk; Coastal Black-Tailed Deer; All; White-Tailed Deer; Black Bear; Canada Lynx; Caribou; Fisher; Grey Wolf; Moose; Coastal Black-Tailed Deer; Elk


  • Richardson wildfire project

    58 cameras were deployed in the Richardson backcountry area of northeastern Alberta to measure ungulate (moose, white-tailed deer, and woodland caribou) responses to wildlife, seismic lines, and other anthropogenic activity. Specifically,...

  • Sechelt Peninsula - Mammal Camera Study

    Conservation and management of Roosevelt Elk (Cervus canadensis roosevelti) requires accurate and precise population estimates. Current regional inventory methods involve aerial inventory surveys with corrections for sightability based on...