Richardson Wildfire Project

Richardson Wildfire Project

58 cameras were deployed in the Richardson backcountry area of northeastern Alberta to measure ungulate (moose, white-tailed deer, and woodland caribou) responses to wildlife, seismic lines, and other anthropogenic activity. Specifically, we are assessing if wildfire reduces the effect of seismic lines on caribou, and the boreal mammal community, or whether the effects are additive or synergistic. Our cameras were distributed across different treatments: 11 outside burn, on seismic; 8 within burn, on seismic; 19 outside burn, off-line; and 20 inside burn, off-line. Cameras were deployed from 2017 to 2019.

Project Leads: Joanna Burgar ; Cole Burton

Affiliations: University of British Columbia; InnoTech Alberta; University of Victoria; Alberta Conservation Association

Project Collaborators: Joanna Burgar ; Catherine Sun ; Chris Beirne ; Jason Fisher

Focal Species: All; Caribou; Moose