Cheryl Blair

I am a Senior Biologist at Splitrock Environmental Sekw'el'was. The focus of my research is predominantly on wildlife, habitat and conservation; my current wildlife project includes mesocarnivore, wolf, grizzly and black bear distribution. We currently have 55 wildlife cameras installed across Sekw'el'was First Nation Territory (AOR : 1200 square km); deployment began last November (2018). In addition, we have been collecting scat samples for DNA analyses, and have conducted incidental tracking surveys. Road and recreational use by humans is also being documented in order to attempt to assess mortality risk (through increased harvest risk, vehicular collisions), as well as impacts of habitat fragmentation.

Affiliations: Splitrock Environmental Sekw'el'was

Species Studied: American Marten; Bobcat; Black Bear; Canada Lynx; Cougar; Coyote; Grey Wolf; Wolverine; Other Mustelid spp.; Fisher