Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute

The Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI) is a non-profit, scientific organization that monitors and reports status and trends in Alberta's wildlife and their habitats across the province and provides ongoing, relevant, and scientifically credible information on the living resources of Alberta. To learn more about our diverse organization and projects, please go to


Species Studied: All; All; Bird spp.; Black Bear; Caribou; Cougar; Grey Wolf; Grizzly Bear; Moose; Mule Deer; White-Tailed Deer; All; Bird spp.; All; Bird spp.


  • Alberta Ecosystem Health Monitoring Program

    On sites across the province, ABMI deploys sets of four cameras to monitor the occurrence of meso and macro fauna.

  • Adopt-a-Camera Citizen Science Project

    The main objective of this project is to create a citizen-based camera program to monitor under-sampled habitats from ABMI’s core grid while simultaneously engaging citizens. The project will aim to produce scientifically sound data...

  • Collaborative Wildlife Monitoring in NW Alberta Caribou Ranges

    The goal of this project is to estimate ungulate, predator, and bird density in two NW Alberta caribou ranges: Chinchaga and Caribou Mountains. Ungulate and predator densities will be estimated by deploying three grids of 25 cameras across...

  • Monitoring Southwestern Alberta's Birds and Mammals

    This program is designed to collect data on mammal and bird species by using wildlife cameras and autonomous recording units (ARUs). The plan is to deploy these cameras and ARUs in two separate landscape areas within the Crownest Pass...

  • Alberta Oil Sands Region Focal Area Program

    To better understand the direct impact of various oil sands industry activities on mammals and birds, the ABMI designed a monitoring program focussed on the in-situ region of the Oil Sands Region (OSR). Broadly speaking, the design...