The Moraine Mesocarnivore Project

The Moraine Mesocarnivore Project

The Moraine Mesocarnivore Project investigated the degree to which the network of protected areas, private woodlots, and developed land within the mixed-use landscape of central Alberta's heartland maintains mammalian diversity, and whether this landscape is connected to forested areas in the west and north. From 2013 through 2018 our goals were to (1) measure mammal diversity and statistically relate this to landscape structure, and (2) test for connectivity within and among protected areas by examining the movement and genetic structure of fisher (Pekania pennanti) populations.The PAs were found to be vital but the surrounding landscape played a significant role in determining how species were distributed.

Project Leads: Frances Stewart ; Jason Fisher

Affiliations: University of Victoria; Innotech Alberta

Project Collaborators: Jason Fisher ; Margo Pybus ; Dragomir Vujnovic ; Glynnis Hood ; Brian Eaton

Focal Species: All; Fisher