Jason Fisher

Jason is a Senior Research with InnoTech Alberta and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Victoria. Jason has helped pioneer camera trapping in Canada, and has been camera trapping for over 15 years in boreal, mountain, coastal, and marine environments. He studies the effects of landscape and climate change on mammal communities, from squirrels to bears and everything in between. He routinely publishes on camera-trapping experimental design, statistical analysis, and ecology of mammals.

Affiliations: University of Victoria; Innotech Alberta

Species Studied: Coastal Black-Tailed Deer; All; Moose; Coastal Black-Tailed Deer; Grizzly Bear; Wolverine; Fisher; American Marten; White-Tailed Deer; Black Bear


  • Oak Bay Urban Deer Project

    The Urban Deer Project uses a combination of camera traps and satellite telemetry to better understand the urban black-tailed deer of Oak Bay for the purposes of informing management. 39 cameras have been deployed throughout the...

  • The East Slopes Predators Project

    The East Slopes Predators project (2011-2014) examined the response of Mountain Predator communities in the Rockies to landscape development. Over 3 years all species from grizzly bears and wolverines to marten were surveyed using remote...

  • The Willmore Biodiversity Research Project

    The Willmore Biodiversity Research Project (2009-2012) deployed 60 cameras across a fully protected Mountain landscape to understand the effects of topography and natural mountain heterogeneity on mammal species ranging from flying...