The East Slopes Predators Project

The East Slopes Predators Project

The East Slopes Predators project (2011-2014) examined the response of Mountain Predator communities in the Rockies to landscape development. Over 3 years all species from grizzly bears and wolverines to marten were surveyed using remote cameras, and their relative abundance was related to natural and landscape features. Wolverines were the most sensitive species with substantial range retractions due to development. Some species, like coyotes, are advancing. Each species response is different, with “winners and losers” depending on how they react to new resources and human activity. For more information, visit:

Project Leads: Jason Fisher

Affiliations: Government of Alberta; Alberta Innovates; University of Victoria

Project Collaborators: Nikki Heim ; John Paczkowski ;

Focal Species: Grizzly Bear; Wolverine