Karl Larsen

Karl Larsen is a professor of wildlife ecology at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC. He has been using cameras to monitor rattlesnake emergence patterns from dens and the use of artificial refugia, and has used camera traps in Central America to detect squirrel presence in the past; also working with the John Prince Research Forest on a camera- based graduate student project (J. Chisholm) involving occupancy patterns of lynx prey species. For more information see https://karllarsen.sites.tru.ca/

Affiliations: Thompson Rivers University

Species Studied: Snake spp.


  • Rattlesnake Denning Patterns Project

    Cameras are being used to monitor the ingress and egress patterns of rattlesnakes at a selection of den sites across the southern interior of British Columbia. From this project we are learning about the synchronicity of snake behaviour...