Density Estimation Using Camera Traps

Jamie Clarke, WildCAM's Wildlife Data Coordinator, has developed the following resources to demystify density estimation using camera traps.


The handbook, "Using Camera Traps to Estimate Medium and Large Mammal Density: Comparison of Methods and Recommendations for Wildlife Managers": 

  • Summarizes how camera trap density models work
  • Lists model assumptions and effects of violations
  • Lists model advantages/limitations
  • Discusses how models have performed in simulations and field tests
  • Includes a decision tree and table to help practitioners choose the best model for their circumstances
  • For the first time, gathers all of this information in one place!

If you have feedback or questions about the handbook, please email Jamie at


What is density? How do we estimate wildlife population densities in BC? How do camera traps sample the landscape? What camera trap density models are available? Jamie explores these topics and more in the WildCAM Webinar, "An Approachable Overview of Camera Trap Density Models."

A recording of the webinar is available here.

A PDF of the webinar slide deck is available here.