Brenda Shepherd

Brenda Shepherd is a Parks Canada Ecologist at Jasper National Park. She leads the ecological monitoring program and she and the team also carry out projects to support species at risk recovery. The ecological integrity monitoring program has been using a grid of over 100 camera traps to monitor mammal occupancy in coordination with the other mountain national parks. Recently, they started a long-term program to monitor alpine plant phenology and have co-located this with our alpine bird monitoring sites.

Affiliations: Parks Canada

Species Studied: All mammals


  • Mammal Occupancy - Jasper National Park

    A grid of over 100 cameras has been deployed since 2012 within Jasper National Park in coordination with the other mountain national parks to monitor mammal occupancy. A camera has been placed in almost all accessible accessible grid cells...

  • Alpine Plant Phenology

    We are monitoring phenology of alpine vegetation at two scales to be related to climate change, pollinators, and alpine birds to report on the condition and trend of alpine ecosystems in Jasper National Park. Daily timelapse images from...