Cathedral Provincial Park Mammal Monitoring

Cathedral Provincial Park Mammal Monitoring

A grid of roughly 50 cameras is being deployed within Cathedral Provincial Park in the Okanagan-Similkameen to produce a species inventory, investigate recreation impacts on wildlife, and provide information on a population of mountain goats that are of special concern. Cameras have been placed both on- and off-trail to investigate spatiotemporal co-occurrence and/or segregation between recreationists and the animals within the park. This project will provide updated information on what species currently reside within the park, the effect of the current user base on those species, and more specifically provide information about the mountain goat population within the park such as seasonal ranging habits and population state variables.

Project Leads: Cole Burton ; Mitch Fennell

Affiliations: Wildlife Coexistence Laboratory (University of British Columbia); BC Parks

Project Collaborators: Kirk Safford ; Adam Ford

Focal Species: All; Mountain Goat