Mitch Fennell

Mitch Fennell is a Research Assistant in UBC's Wildlife Coexistence Lab, as well as a Mesocarnivore Technician for the BC Conservation Foundation and Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy. Mitch has past experience studying predation using GPS movement data and working to mitigate and respond to human-wildlife conflict incidents. He currently uses camera traps to investigate anthropogenic effects on habitat use across a range of species and landscapes.

Affiliations: UBC Wildlife Coexistence Lab; Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy; BC Conservation Foundation

Species Studied: All; Mountain Goat


  • Cathedral Provincial Park Mammal Monitoring

    A grid of roughly 50 cameras is being deployed within Cathedral Provincial Park in the Okanagan-Similkameen to produce a species inventory, investigate recreation impacts on wildlife, and provide information on a population of mountain...