Brian Titaro

Brian Titaro is a Registered Professional Biologist (RPBio.) and Natural Resource Management Technician with Metro Vancouver Regional Parks. His work focuses on applying the principles of conservation biology into the natural resource management of parks and protected areas through habitat and ecosystem restoration, the development of community stewardship programs, and wildlife monitoring and inventorying projects. He has been actively using camera traps for several years to help inform park management plans, reduce human-wildlife conflict, protect sensitive wildlife areas, and evaluate the impacts of human presence on wildlife diversity, abundance, distribution.

Affiliations: Metro Vancouver Regional Parks; College of Applied Biology

Species Studied: All; Black Bear


  • Widgeon Marsh Regional Park Management Planning Wildlife Study

    Wildlife cameras have been deployed to monitor seasonal and spatial patterns of wildlife activity in Widgeon Marsh Regional Park prior to opening the area to public access. The park is situated on a natural travel corridor surrounded by...

  • Minnekhada Regional Park Black Bear Study

    Wildlife cameras have been deployed in Minnekhada Regional Park in Metro Vancouver and are being used to monitor seasonal and spatial patterns of black bear activity as the park has an unusually high population of bears. The project's...