Remote camera have been deployed to monitor temporal and spatial activity patterns or urban wildlife in Edmonton, Alberta. The study area comprising Edmonton and prescribed 3.2 km buffer is mostly urban with some suburban and peri-urban areas. The Edmonton Wildlife Monitoring Project consists of ~60 cameras placed across four sampling transects emanating from Edmonton’s urban center in the NW, NE, SE, and SW directions selected to accommodate the Urban Wildlife Information Network protocol. We selected sampling locations within 2 km of each transect and separated by at least 1 km in both urban natural areas (Edmonton’s river valley and ravine systems) and more isolated urban locations (urban parks, golf courses, cemeteries). We selected sites based on City of Edmonton parks holding locations and distributed cameras as evenly as possible throughout city quadrants.

Project Leads: Cassondra Stevenson

Affiliations: University of Alberta; City of Edmonton; Urban Wildlife Information Network

Project Collaborators: Catherine Shier

Focal Species: American Beaver; American Marten; Bird spp.; Bobcat; Black Bear; Canada Lynx; Common Porcupine; Common Raccoon; Cougar; Coyote; Elk; Fisher; Domestic Dog; White-Tailed Deer; Red Fox; Skunk spp.; Other Rodent spp.; Other Mustelid spp.; Mule Deer; Wolverine; Moose; Domestic Cattle; People; Domestic Cat