The Algar Wildlife Monitoring Project

The Algar Wildlife Monitoring Project

The Algar Seismic Restoration Pilot Project was an industry-led initiative between 2012 and 2015 that aimed to restore seismic lines in caribou habitat within the Algar herd range (East Side Athabasca River population, northeastern Alberta), offering an opportunity to research the effects of restoration on the boreal mammal community. Following restoration implementation, the Algar Wildlife Monitoring Project deployed 73 camera traps to assess the responses of caribou, their predators and competitors to restoration treatments.

Project Leads: Cole Burton

Affiliations: Canada's Oil Sands Innovation Alliance; Innotech Alberta; Alberta Upstream Petroleum Research Fund

Project Collaborators: Jason Fisher ; Chris Beirne ; Catherine Sun ; Joanna Burgar

Focal Species: All; Black Bear; Caribou; Cougar; Coyote; Grey Wolf; Moose; White-Tailed Deer