BC cat count

BC cat count

Domestic cats (Felis catus) are abundant in urban areas and can have adverse impacts on urban wildlife and pose public health risks. A key component of understanding the impacts of cats, and developing humane, socially acceptable, and cost-effective management strategies, and the Vancouver Bird Strategy, involves counting the number of cats in the City of Vancouver. 136 trail camera locations are being set-up in the City of Vancouver to identify individual cats, which will then be used to count the number of cats in Vancouver. Cameras are distributed proportionally by residential income brackets within the city, in city parks, and industrial areas. All cameras will be on private (e.g. people's yards) or public land (e.g. parks). This project will provide information about where and how many free-roaming cats are found in the City of Vancouver.

Project Leads: Elizabeth Gow

Affiliations: Stewardship Centre for British Columbia; Liber Ero Foundation; Environment and Climate Change Canada; Vancouver Bird Strategy

Project Collaborators: Jaylen Bastos

Focal Species: Domestic Cat