Sara Zieleman

The Sunshine Coast Community Forest is comprised of 3 distinct areas in Halfmoon Bay, East Wilson Creek, and Angus/Burnett and Grey Creek with a total area of 10,800 hectares. We are interested in supporting research in and around our tenure area to grow our collective understanding of ecological values. We made a commitment in 2021 to transition to an ecosystem management model and we know we need to understand a lot more about the lands on which we operate in order to minimize our impacts on them.

We currently support the Sunshine Coast Wildlife Project in their efforts to build ecological resiliency through wetland habitat restoration work and we are interested in monitoring around those areas. We also have a MFLNRO research block in our tenure area and while we do not yet know the plans they have for the area, we are interested in pre-harvest monitoring starting in 2022.

If anyone has any overlapping interests or other ideas about monitoring projects in or around the Sunshine Coast Community Forest, we would love to hear about it! For more information about our area and contact information please visit