Sam Foster

Sam Foster is a PhD student at the University of Idaho exploring how mule deer in southern B.C. seasonally distribute themselves and utilize landscapes. He is using camera traps to understand how they do so in response to members of the diverse predator and competitor assemblage of large mammals in the region as well as in light of gradients of structure, disturbance, and succession. His aim is to illuminate important drivers of mule deer population dynamics in southern B.C.

Affiliations: University of Idaho

Species Studied: Bobcat; Black Bear; Cougar; Elk; Grey Wolf; Grizzly Bear; Mule Deer; White-Tailed Deer


  • Southern Interior Mule Deer Project

    With an aim to learn how to best restore mule deer populations in the southern interior, 160 cameras have been deployed in conjunction with the collaring of 150 mule deer does and fawns to gain insight into how landscape change and the...