Rhiannon Kirton

Rhiannon Kirton is a Biologist and Research Scientist with the Shuswap Band in Invermere, BC and is also a National Geographic Explorer for 2021/22 as part of her Trebek Initiative Grant. Whilst Rhiannon's work with Shuswap Band is varied across both ecosystems and species, she is primarily interested in terrestrial mammals and other culturally important species. Through her Trebek Initiative project, Rhiannon will be using camera traps to assess the density and abundance of cervid species in the East Kootenay region of British Columbia and comparing this information to historical trends to better inform the management and conservation of these culturally important species. More broadly, Rhiannon is interested in how the use of camera traps can provide accessible opportunities for wildlife monitoring and management as compared to other methods such as aerial surveys.

Affiliations: Shuswap Band