Myles Lamont

Myles is a wildlife biologist and principal of TerraFauna Wildlife Consulting, Inc. His work focuses on the management, research and general conservation of terrestrial wildlife. His experience has varied from large industrial projects such as Site C and LNG Canada, to grassroots conservation efforts on island habitats in the Indian Ocean. He is involved with supporting research using camera traps to detect and monitor species-at-risk within the Cascade Range on the traditional territories of Halq’eméylem Speaking Peoples in the upper Fraser River and adjacent watersheds. He has a personal interest in restoration biology, conservation introductions and re-wilding efforts.

Affiliations: TerraFauna Wildlife Consulting, Inc

Species Studied: Bobcat; Black Bear; Grizzly Bear; Grey Wolf; Cougar; Wolverine; Elk; Mountain Goat; All mammals; Bird spp.