Mateen Hessami

Mateen has worked as a wildlife technician and undergraduate researcher at the University of Montana with Dr. Mark Hebblewhite since 2016 on his long-term elk/predator project at the Ya Ha Tinda, Alberta. He has managed a previously established remote camera grid (n=32) and is well versed in the process of image classification, data-base structuring and data integration into the Mountain Parks camera database. Further, he completed an undergraduate thesis; estimating recruitment rates in elk using occupancy models and comparing camera-derived estimates to traditional ground-observations. Mateen is interested in deriving abundance and population vital rates from remote cameras and is interested in exploring other species with the methods he used in his thesis. Mateen will begin a masters at UBC Okanagan with Dr. Adam Ford fall of 2019.

Affiliations: University of British Columbia Okanagan; University of Montana