Jenna Scherger

Jenna is a MSc student in the Wildlife Restoration Ecology Lab (WiRE) at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. Her research is part of a highly collaborative project established by Parks Canada, which aims to reduce human-wolf conflict in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. Jenna uses camera traps to model wolf activity and relate wolf habitat use to human activity and human-wolf interactions.

Affiliations: University of British Columbia Okanagan

Species Studied: American Beaver; American Marten; Black Bear; Elk; Fisher; Grey Wolf; Coastal Black-Tailed Deer; People; Grey Wolf; Cougar; Black Bear; Grizzly Bear; Elk; Mule Deer; White-Tailed Deer; Canada Lynx; Coyote; Moose


  • Human-Wolf Coexistence in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

    125 cameras have been deployed in and around Pacific Rim National Park Reserve to quantify wolf activity in relation to human activity and prey availability. This project will demonstrate how wolves operate in a landscape shared with...