Doug Heard

Doug Heard retired in 2015 from his job as a wildlife biologist with both the governments of the NWT and BC and is now an independent researcher with his company, Tithonus Wildlife Research and is an adjunct professor at the University of Northern British Columbia. Doug is testing the potential for supplemental feeding to promote population growth of the Kennedy Siding caribou herd, a threatened population in central British Columbia. He uses camera traps at feeders to identify and count all individuals each year.

Affiliations: Tithonus Wildlife Research; University of Northern British Columbia

Species Studied: Caribou; Grey Wolf; Grizzly Bear; Black Bear; Moose; Grey Wolf


  • Supplemental Feeding of Kennedy Siding Caribou Project

    Doug uses camera traps at feeding stations (currently in year 6) to census caribou in the Kennedy Siding Herd in central British Columbia. Photographs allow him to identify each caribou by their unique antler morphology. The process needs...