Alexia Constantinou

Alexia is a MSc student in the Wildlife Coexistence and Belowground Ecology Labs in the Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia. Her work focuses on the relationship between forest harvesting and wildlife – she operates camera traps in the Kootenays, Cariboo and Nechako regions for medium- to large-sized mammals, and is also pairing camera traps with the live trapping of small mammals at her most northern site. Alexia is collaborating with First Nations in the Interior who are also interested in exploring camera traps and the effects of different partial retention forest harvesting methods on wildlife. Her interests include improving sustainable forest harvesting via holistic ecosystem management and consideration for wildlife, particularly with First Nations partnerships and perspectives.

Affiliations: Wildlife Coexistence Laboratory (University of British Columbia); Belowground Ecology Group (University of British Columbia)

Species Studied: All; Other Rodent spp.