Calibrating Trafx trail counters with wildlife camera data in Kananaskis

Methodology 08.03.2021

In Kananaskis Country we use our stable of over 200 cameras and 75 trail counters to monitor wildlife distribution, abundance, and movement patterns, as well as human use activity patterns across a 4,200 km2 land base. Most of the camera servicing is done by volunteers who contribute about 8,000 hours annually on camera related projects. Annually, we collect about 3.5 million images and those images are classified by volunteers, students, and staff using Timelapse Software. Humans make up the vast majority of images we collect, which is challenging when it comes to image processing. To address this abundance of human data we also use cameras paired with TrafX trail counters to reduce classification efforts and validate and calibrate trail counter data. The attached poster (developed by volunteers) explains the calibration process in greater detail.

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Click on the awesome and informative poster below to learn more about this work!