Do scent lures affect detections of predators AND prey?

Baits and lures are sometimes used in camera trap research to increase the likelihood of detecting certain species (usually carnivores). But how do lures affect non-target species, if at all? And do carnivore species all respond in the same way? WildCAM members Dacyn Holinda, Joanna Burgar, and Cole Burton have a new paper out titled Effects of scent lure on camera trap detections vary across mammalian predator and prey species. For this work, they compared the effects of scent luresĀ (in this case, a skunk and musk blend lure) on detections of mammal predator and prey species at camera stations across Alberta. Detections of predator species were higher at lured camera stations, while prey didn't seem as affected by the presence of scent lures. For the predators, however, responses varied between species. Click here to check out their paper!