Upcoming camera trap conference- May 2021

WildCAM is helping the Columbia Mountains Institute of Applied Ecology (CMIAE) to organize an upcoming conference- Scaling Up Camera Trap Surveys to Inform Regional Wildlife Conservation. This event was postponed from last year and is now taking place via zoom May 18-20, 2021.

This conference will address key questions in the development and application of camera trap methods. By showcasing established and emerging case studies, the conference will be a forum for sharing lessons on fundamental topics such as sampling design, data management and analysis, and multi-project collaboration. It will be an excellent opportunity for scientists, managers, students, and citizen scientists to network and learn about current thinking on the science and application of camera trapping for wildlife ecology and management. All presenters are asked to reflect upon and share lessons learned that can inform future surveys and/or management applications, particularly at large spatial scales.

Keynote speakers include Drs. Jorge Ahumada (Wildlife Insights & Conservation International) and Roland Kays (North Carolina State University). There will also be a workshop led by Dr. Chris Beirne (UBC Vancouver) which will focus on analysis of camera trap data.

This event should be of interest to researchers using camera traps in western Canada and beyond. Please follow this link to register or for more information. We hope to see you there!