Rae Kokeš is a wildlife biologist living and work in Nuxalk Territory / Bella Coola, BC. Rae studied for her undergrad and Master's in the UK before moving to Southern Africa where she pursued a career in African lion ecology and conservation for a decade. She created the Matusdona Lion Project in Zimbabwe, the Greater Limpopo Carnivore Programme in Mozambique with Dr Kris Everatt, and also founded the now internationally recognised World Lion Day campaign. Rae has undertaken extensive camera trapping across many challenging landscapes with a focus on population ecology, landscape connectivity, human-wildlife conflict and illegal wildlife trade. Having moved to BC Rae's work now focuses on human-wildlife conflict with the large carnivore community of the coastal rainforest. Rae is also the coordinator for WildCAM.

Affiliations: BC Parks Foundation; WildSafe BC

Species Studied: Cougar; Grey Wolf