Gary Schroyen

Gary Schroyen is a researcher, educator and citizen scientist. Schroyen is a vocal advocate of the protection of critical wildlife corridors and of the wildlife that use them. The primary focus on camera trapping has been the study of animal behavior. In particular that of the American Black Bear, Roosevelt Elk, Cougar and the Vancouver Island Wolf. Schroyens goals are to help erase the negative stigma of our natural predators through his slideshow presentations.

Affiliations: Coexistence with Carnivores Alliance; Project Howl

Species Studied: American Beaver; American Marten; Black Bear; Cougar; Elk; Grey Wolf; Coastal Black-Tailed Deer; American Beaver; American Marten


  • Sooke Hills wildlife assessment project

    Wildlife cameras have been deployed in selective key travel routes situated near wetlands, creeks and mountain passes to monitor various species of large mammals in a regional park. The park encompasses many mountains, lakes and streams...