Introducing: Your BC and AB WildCAM Team!


This month, we have created a bonus blog, highlighting the team of women in science working on WildCAM!

First up, meet Emma Griggs: Emma is the Program Manager of Wildlife Forever at the BC Parks Foundation. Emma works closely with the WildCo lab as the Communications, Outreach and Engagement Coordinator, to bring a monthly newsletter, blog, and other engagement opportunities to the WildCAM network and its members. Emma graduated in 2019 from UBC, completing her BScN in Global Perspectives on Natural Resource Conservation from the Faculty of Forestry.  If you have questions about the BC Parks Foundation, iNaturalist or Wildlife Forever, you can reach Emma at

Next, Alys Granados: Alys is a postdoc in the WildCo Lab and has been using data from a BC-wide camera trap network, WildCAM, to study how mammal species and communities respond to changes in land use and disturbance. Alys earned her PhD from the Department of Zoology at UBC and joined the WildCo Lab in 2020. Prior to starting her postdoc, Alys studied the impacts of logging and hunting on mammals in Malaysian Borneo and managed an Orangutan research project in Indonesian Borneo. She is looking forward to applying her knowledge from tropical forests to informing wildlife management plans for mammals in Western Canada. Alys is embarking on a new postdoc journey this year, but will still be involved supporting WildCAM. You can reach Alys at

At the helm for the Alberta Community of Practice is Sydney Toni. Syd Toni works in communications and stakeholder engagement with the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI). She is a biologist of all trades: she holds a Master's in urban forestry, worked in resource management with Parks Canada in the NWT, and previously identified lichens with the ABMI at the Royal Alberta Museum. Sydis working away at a Certificate in Publishing in her spare time, and enjoys looking up words in the dictionary and whitewater canoeing.

And finally, Alexia Constantinou is serving as Project Coordinator for WildCAM. Alexia recently completed her MSc in the Wildlife Coexistence and Belowground Ecology Labs at the University of British Columbia. Her work focuses on the relationship between forest harvesting and wildlife – she operated camera traps in the Kootenays, Cariboo and Nechako regions for medium- to large-sized mammals, and also conducted small mammal live trapping. Her passions include improving sustainable forest harvesting via holistic ecosystem management and consideration for wildlife, particularly with First Nations partnerships and perspectives. Alexia has worked in research, as a forest tech and as a wilderness canoe tripping guide. When she is not working on her project, you can find her with skis on or a paddle in hand. You can reach her at for any WildCAM or camera trapping-related questions.